Carola Berger

Age: 22

Origin: St. Pölten/Lower Austria

Course of Study: Experimental Media (2nd semester)

Why is the Peers4You project important to you?

What is important to me is that our students have a key point of contact, also for personal and social matters. We need an opportunity to talk about certain things in case we cannot or do not want to discuss them with our friends.

What makes you unique as a Peers4You advisor?

I have been a representative of the social affairs department of the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) for quite some time now and would like to make use of my knowledge and experiences gathered there which pertain mainly to the areas of personal, study-law and UAS-internal problems. Thanks either to this activity or to my ample personal experience, I’m known as a good listener who is not easily shocked.

What is typical of you as a person (trademarks, special characteristics etc.)?

Apart from my rather striking colourful hair, I’m known as a person who tries to get involved and support every project. Also, my “Carola magic” which somehow always manages to solve every problem has become something of an institution by now – a fact that helps me a lot in my stressful everyday life. My most typical feature is that I try to solve even the most absurd difficulties and do not give up easily.

What motto do you pursue in life?

I don’t have an actual motto because life is as diverse as every individual person. The slogans I have put up in my workplace say things like “You are what you do, not what you say that you do” and “You are so close, don’t you dare give up now” but these are not mottos. They are motivation for times when I have to fight for what I want.

What is your favourite hobby?

I’m afraid my everyday life doesn’t allow for a lot of free time but when I can, I like to work as a DJ, play videogames or just spend time with my boyfriend.