Magdalena Bauer

Age: 23

Origin: Hollabrunn/Lower Austria

Course of Study: Media Management (2nd semester)

Why is the Peers4You project important to you?

The project is important to me because I know how it feels to arrive at a point where you cannot see a way out on your own. The feeling of facing an obstacle that you cannot overcome alone. And even if this seems like an empty phrase: talking does help!

What makes you unique as a Peers4You advisor?

I always find it hard to answer such questions from my own perspective, which is why I asked some of my friends about this. They say I’m always very empathic ad patient in talks and I try to maintain objectivity throughout, although it’s not always easy, of course. They value the emotional support I offer in decision-making and problems.

What is typical of you as a person (trademarks, special characteristics etc.)?

What’s typical of me is my warm and open nature. Friends often recognise me by my laugh in a big room full of people without having seen me. I’m also very stress-resistent. And If I hadn’t just had my hair cut, two French braids and red lipstick would definitely be my trademark.

What motto do you pursue in life?

I like poetry but I haven’t found the right life motto for myself yet. However, a colleague at work once told me something: “You yourself are your biggest and most fervent critic. Nobody will judge you as harshly as yourself. At the end of the day, you are your biggest enemy and opponent.” I think there is a lot of  truth in that.

What is your favourite hobby?

I particularly like listening to all different kinds of music, sometimes alone but much better yet with friends.