Linda Ploszajska

Age: 22

Origin: Mödling/Lower Austria

Course of Study: Media Management (2nd semester)

Why is the Peers4You project important to you?

When I first heard of the project, I was immediately interested and when I finally got to know the team of Peers4You, I was convinced that the project would be successful. I believe it is important to offer such a service at every educational institution.

What makes you unique as a Peers4You advisor?

My empathy and the certificate of participation.

What is typical of you as a person (trademarks, special characteristics etc.)?

I tend to take things rather (too) easy than too seriously but I still give my best at all times.

What motto do you pursue in life?

The motto that I live by has yet to be written. 🙂

What is your favourite hobby?

I particularly like listening to music, either alone at home, together with friends, at the club or at festivals.