Christoph Kastner

Age: 37

Origin: Hanfthal in the northern Weinviertel region (Lower Austria)

Study programme: Rail Technology and Mobility bachelor

Why is the Peers4You project important to you?

I think that when it comes to studying – but also in all other spheres of life – it is important to be there for your fellow human beings. Receiving and providing help is a constant give and take that always goes both ways.

What distinguishes you as a Peers4You advisor?

I think I’m well-suited for this project because I’m a good listener who is mindful of his fellow human beings.

What is typical of you as a person?

I try to live in peaceful, content harmony with myself and the people around me.

What motto do you live by?

In short, live and let live!

What is your favourite hobby?

I’m a person who likes to spend time walking outdoors whenever the weather and the current special circumstances allow it. On the other hand, I also enjoy making myself comfortable at home with a good book.